Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get the raw materials required?
A: We are happy to either supply you with them or to give you the names of your nearest supplier.
Q: What warrantee do your machines have?
A: Our machines carry a 12 month conditional warrantee.
Q: What authorities recognize your company?
A: We have been in existence for nearly 10 years and are a ‘Proudly South African Company’ as well as members of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and recognized by the DTI.
Q: Do you only supply people in South Africa?A: We are happy to do business anywhere in the world, we have machines all around Africa and the neighbouring Islands as well as countries like Australia and New Zealand.Q: If we have a breakdown how soon can you attend to it?A: Generally same day, depending on how far our technicians are from your premises.Q: Do you have a buy back guarantee?A: No, the vast majority of our customers are happy and successful, on the odd occasion that someone moves towns or countries we will assist in the on selling of the machine.Q: Do you have purchasing terms?A: No, but we have a number of financial institutions that support us and also we have access to funds via many different Government Funding schemes. This is done via a network of consultants.Q: What about training, can it be done at our premises?A: We prefer to train you at your premises on your own machine; it has proven to be by far the best method.Q: Where is your factory, can we come and see it?A: We are based in Cape Town and welcome you to come and see where your machines are designed and manufactured.
Q: Are all your machines manufactured in Cape Town?A: The majority of the machines are manufactured in Cape Town, some of the machines we import certain components; others are imported as a complete unit, and then modified in the factory to comply with our requirements.



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