Company Profile

Who is the Diverse Group?
The Diverse Group consists of a group of companies that help boost the economy in South Africa by empowering small businesses in the manufacturing trade. We supply user-friendly machinery manufacturing a variety of products which produce high through-put and high profit margins. We also supply most of the raw materials needed for our machines.

Diverse Group has a 10 year proven track record and have the ability to provide a starting business with all the support it needs on its road to success. We are Proudly South African and also DTI and Cape Chamber Affiliates.


What do we offer you?

  • Easy to operate machinery
  • Large variety of machines
  • High profit margins
  • Excellent after sales service
  • Assistance and advice with your business plans
  • We are now even able to assist with financing your business
  • Comprehensive training
  • Marketing assistance

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