Sanitary Pad Machine

Introduction The Sanitary Pad manufacturing machine has recently become an extremely important business opportunity. The government is acutely aware of the school absenteeism and it is reported that young ladies can miss as much as an entire year of schooling, during their scholastic career. The machine has the ability of manufacturing various types of sanitary pads in thickness and with or without wings.
Benefits/Advantages -The Sanitary Pad Machine reaps the benefits of widespread market exposure due to the unlimited demand for the pads.
-Production of up to 300 pieces per minute
-The market for Sanitary Pads in South Africa is estimated to be more than fifteen million a day!
-Cash and Government business (depending on market sector).
-Simple manufacturing process (one manufacturing process).
-Easy administration (very few product lines and variations).
-High demand for product.
-Easy to market


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